First fish courses

– Linguine  (oziadas).
– Fregola with seafood or crustaceans.
Second fish courses
– Typical Cabrese burrida (red with Race).
– La merca (Lagoon mullet boiled with salt and dried in marsh grass).
– The bottarga (dried mullet roe) can be used either as an appetizer or seasoning.
– Eels Incasada.
First meat courses
– Gnocchetti alla Campidanese.
– Lasagne with artichokes.
– Fregola with sausage and artichokes.
– Aubergine ravioli
– Artichoke ravioli
– Classic ravioli.
Second meat courses
– Roasted pork.
– Lamb stew meat.
– Lamb.
– Lamb with lemon.
– Sughisau (red beef meat with herbs).
Vegetarian cuisine:
– Stuffed vegetables (aubergines, courgettes, tomatoes, peppers.)
– Sweet and sour onions, aubergines and peppers.
– Battered vegetables.
– Vegetable omelette.
– Savory pies based on vegetables.
– Croquettes of mixed vegetables.
– Radicchio pancakes.